InDepth Geotech & Design employ engineers to undertake soil testing, report writing, footing design and all computations are covered off by certificates of compliance.

One engineer does all at InDepth, so no matter what the query the client deals with one engineer. This leads to better outcomes for our clients. No misunderstanding between soil tester and footing engineers, which often leads to “heavy” designs.

InDepth Geotech & Design carry Professional Indemnity Insurance ensuring your project gets out of the ground, and performs.

InDepth Geotech & Design provides clear concise documentation that is easy to use on site. All of this is backed up with the engineer being contactable by both email and phone in working hours. InDepth Geotech & Design want to hear your suggestions when resolving issues. It is not a case of if the engineer says then that is it. We work with the client to get the best resolution for the job. And we understand that each job has its own unique set of circumstances.

While InDepth Geotech & Design has extensive experience in residential construction we undersand that many builders have dealt with all manner of issues in different ways. We are here to ensure the solution to your problem has a strong engineered justified backing.


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